Here's what our users have to say about GovTech Services:

"The efficiencies realized through GovTech’s services provide me the opportunity to focus on providing great service to our customers. The number of refunds issued by my office is a fraction of what they used to be due to GovTech’s ability to access current property tax data. "

-Amy L. Picray, Jones County Iowa Treasurer

"From a financial institutions point of view, I cannot see why all County Treasurers Offices would not want to utilize GovTech Service. The efficiencies that we have been able to take advantage of are, efficient and timely posting of our clients taxes, we no longer have to have our clients bring in their tax bill, nor do we have to request tax bills from the various Treasures Offices, which was an additional expense to us and I would have to think a expense to the Treasures Office as well."

-Rhonda K. Selensky, American Trust & Savings Bank